Fish loop

Fish loop, 2013, lacquer on marble, 140 x 350 cm

Eckernförde is located at Baltic Sea and is a well-known city of fishermen. There is a proverb which goes “Make gold from silver,” which refers to the color of a fish which named herring.  This fish turns from silver to gold when cooked by smoking. A herring has a habit that if they grow up they come back to their hometown like a salmon. After this experience, I put this installation artwork in a circle as if a fish is swimming under the water.


Light from the window

Light from the window, 2013, slide projector, size variable

During the artist residence program in Eckernhörde, North Germany, I was considering creating the artworks related to the city. This is an artwork formed by making patterns from the city’s church window turning them into a slide projection. It was designed as if it were a drawing extending into space. It actually looks like that the light is coming through a church window.


Installation View at Kuenstlerhaus  Otte1


Installation View



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