Magic Carpet

Magic carpet, 2012, silk, 46 x 570 cm

Inspired by the magic carpets of The Arabian Nights and Japanese kites. The artwork is made of 6m long cloth that floats and moves through the air, in response to a soft wind. It almost symbolizes the shape of snakes and centipedes. The purpose of using silk as a major material of this artwork is to give lighter and softer feeling to the viewers. By doing this I was able to arrived at a different approach.



Untitled, 2012, mirror each 15 x 15 cm, 120 x 199 x 0,3 cm

This artwork consists of 48 pieces of mirror on the wall. If you stand in front of the mirror and use a different angle of your body position, the mirror will give you different effects such as your body shapes being split from the mirror’s reflection. I was inspired by the movie Orphé, directed by Jean Cocteau in 1924 where the main actor went inside a big mirror. I have realized that the world we live in has much unreality and unseen at the same time.



Construction color of 55 panels, 2012, lacquer on canvas, wood, 153 x 153 x 2 cm

My intension of this art piece is to give an impression to the viewer to associate with landscape or to find different objects through the abstraction image. It is important for me to compose the structure as simple as possible.


Installation View

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