Installation View - Bauplan

Column rope, 2015, plaster, metal, 240 x 340 x 370 cm / each 240 x 8 x 5.5 cm, Seilerei Kislig

Seilerei Kislig, one of the oldest rope factories in the Switzerland, is still manufacturing over 100M long ropes and strings. I casted the rope with a plaster and installed it as if it was a part of the architecture. The piece was showed next to the photograph of Ammonoidae to emphasize the spiral structure. I aimed showing not only the beautiful shape of these materials but also similarity of the spiral functions of both objects.


Installation View - Bauplan


Snake’s cast-off skin

Snake’s cast-off skin, 2015, silicon, 280 x 14 x 5 cm

A snake gets bigger and bigger by molting. When I was a child, I used to collect many snakes' cast-off skins and put them into my wallet as a lucky charm. The casted silicon piece that is left over after creating “Column Rope” appears to be like the skin of a snake because of the soft texture of the material. I installed it on the ground to be mimic a snake that is crawling.



Bird, 2015, acrylic on canvas wires, 318 x 185 cm

I have been inspired by American Indian patterns and by the traditional American Indian house called Tipi. It has a simple shape and is often created by canvas. The geometric pattern on the canvas refers to a quail, which is a common motif for the traditional Indian basket in northern California. This art piece is a site-specific artwork and it will be hung with wires. The 3x2m canvas symbolizes the quail and the pattern is reversible. Ancient patterns have often many similarities regardless of whether they are created in Asia, America or Europe. It is very interesting for me to consider how various art fields and culture are connected to each other.


Installation View - Zwischen Welten

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