One day, I visited a flea market by chance. Unexpectedly, I found about 100 film negatives on the table of the seller. Out of the curiosity, I started to look at the image of these negatives one by one, which is almost like following the memory of some other person. It was almost like a documentary film.

It seems that these photos were taken in Austria from 1957 to 1975. Mainly they were family photos, but many strange landscapes were also taken. I have no idea what the reason was to start this group of photographs in 1957 and end it in 1975, but there is clearly something that exists there, so I started to feel that they should be exhibited as a book. Immediately after purchasing the negatives, I cleaned and selected the photos that most grabbed my attention, and by the use of a scanner I tried to digitized them.

There were some parts of the image that were already fading, but there were also some images that remain visible. Through this work, I would like to share whatever traces of memory that might have been there with you.

Memory of Others, 2013, Austria, Lambda-Print, 70 x 70 cm